We are culture, we are the truth, we are INTELIGENCIA.



Our communities and people have come under attack by forces looking to discredit our value in society and demonize our very existence. Furthermore, today’s news is so fragmented and biased that you can watch two networks side by side and feel that you are living in different realities. At no other time has the need to dispel stereotypes, debunk myths, and obtain truthful, unfiltered information, been more vital.
That’s where INTELIGENCIA comes in: A reflection of the human experience from a Latinx POV. Our news-and-ideas platform builds powerful narratives around politics, social justice, culture, and the arts across the globe. At INTELIGENCIA, facts are paramount, not spin.

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Phil Colón

Our team of experienced and independent journalists will work relentlessly to expose the unexposed and bring light to voices that have been silenced by fear or intimidation. Our editorial voice is grounded in conviction and strength of purpose. We aim to present the innovative and creative ways that Latinos respond to injustice, exploitation, and environmental destruction.
We will harness the power of the Internet and technology to bridge the world and connect global citizens with stories of human interest and curiosity. At its core, INTELIGENCIA is geared toward real people, those who bleed red, breathe air, and dream of greatness and creative expression. After all, Latinx culture is enjoying a great renaissance so we want to elevate and celebrate that rise with a common voice for a supportive audience.

Since our reach is global, our voice will be also. You might encounter stories in Spanish, Portuguese, and English. For us, the narrative matters first and foremost. The written language will be predicated on the comfort level of the journalist. No matter where you live, where you grew up, or where you want to go, INTELIGENCIA will be a reflection of your reality: unfiltered and honest.
Our platform is inclusive to everyone interested in our rich culture, our countries, our food, our dance, and our traditions. INTELIGENCIA welcomes all with open arms! 
In the coming months we will also work hand in hand with some of the world’s most relevant brands and tech companies. We will host commentary and feature pieces from revered and trusted guest journalists who are leading the dialogue about Latinx issues. At each stage of our launch, from our initial beta debut to increased multimedia content platforms, we will grow with our readership into a broader and more comprehensive news outlet.

So in closing I say bienvenidos a todos!  We look forward to taking this journey with you all.


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