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Resistance: Rio’s Different Face of Fashion


Rio Different Face of Fashion, directed by Geoff Levy, offers a look inside Brazil’s Jacarezinho favela through the lens of fashion. At its center is Jacaré Moda, a modeling agency transforming the Brazilian fashion industry by challenging norms and bringing marginalized young people into the often closed-off world of fashion.


The film tells the story of three models from Jacaré Moda: Caio, Camila, and Natália. Often discriminated against due to their backgrounds, the three looked to fashion as a means of rediscovering their self-esteem. Through their stories, they express themselves as forces of change and as individuals who resist the idea that favelas are solely defined by poverty and violence.

A film by Papel & Caneta and Jacaré Moda, Directed by Geoff Levy
Additional Credits:
Produced by Caio Baldini
Cinematography by Nathan Podshadley
Edited by Mah Ferraz
Additional Camera by Rodrigo Costa
Styling by Suyane Ynaya
Make-up by Lídia Thays


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