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“EL Show” Brings the Culture of Béisbol to TikTok!

Coach Lou Coach and Oswaldo Cabrera of the NY Yankees posing
Coach Lou Coach and Oswaldo Cabrera of the NY Yankees
The social media-based, bi-cultural community targets growing online baseball fanbase

With the launch of “El Show,” Latino fans of TikTok can now get a taste of baseball through the lens of culture and lifestyle. EL Show is social media-based, bi-cultural community celebrating and highlighting the best in béisbol! This online platform was created by Rafael Jimenez of The Fresh Aesthetic and Phil Colón of Project 2050, two childhood friends who wished to promote baseball to a broader Latino audience. Rafael and Phil are not only avid sports fans, but they also enjoy coaching and passing on their love of the game to the next generation of aspiring All Stars.

In-depth analysis, knowledgeable commentary, and behind-the-scenes footage, “El Show” offers an intimate look at the baseball world. This social media-based community has plenty to offer everyone, regardless of whether you are a devoted fan or are just interested about the lifestyle that surrounds the sport. With their extensive background knowledge and experience, Rafael and Phil provide fresh viewpoints and perspectives to the conversation around baseball.

NY Yankees Oswaldo Cabrera running a fielding drill
NY Yankees Oswaldo Cabrera running a fielding drill

Exclusive conversations with some of the biggest names in the sport are part of “El Show,” which also examines the most recent games and highlights. Right in time for Spring Training, the show highlighted NCAA Coach Lou Colón and New York Yankee Oswaldo Cabrera as part of a skills training session by the team at Plus Performance. Viewers will get the opportunity to hear from athletes themselves about their experiences on and off the field, from up-and-coming stars to seasoned veterans.

However, “El Show” is about more than just baseball. It is about the surrounding sports culture and the adoration that fans have for their favorite teams. By allowing viewers to share their personal experiences and memories of the game, Rafael and Phil foster a sense of community on the series. “El Show” is a must-see for anyone who loves baseball and the passion it evokes, whether you are a lifelong fan or you are just learning about the sport for the first time.

NY Yankees Oswaldo Cabrera posing with Young Players
NY Yankees Oswaldo Cabrera with baseball fans

So, be sure to check out “El Show” on TikTok if you’re searching for a lighthearted and educational way to remain up to date with anything baseball-related. You’ll have a grand slam of a time!

Words by Myles Morales for INTELIGENCIA

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