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Photo by Marcos "Reggae" Smith

BB Nobre Gets Lonely

“Lonely” is BB Nobre’s pandemic anthem. Dropping on the year-anniversary of when the world stopped on its axis, “Lonely” emotes what many of...


Paloma Mami Confined by Heartache

Lonely and sassy, Paloma Mami videos are timely escapes we can relate to at this moment. The game warscape tragedy of No Te...

photo by Marcos "Reggae" Smith

BB Nobre Dives Deep Into his Music

BB Nobre is fire like the Bronx he represents. Focused, vibrant, engaging, he brings everything into his music. BB Nobre makes trap and...

artwork by yllustratyons

Tekashi 6ix9ine Quarantined King

We know him as the volatile unicorn.  The color soup longhair, graff-face representing hip-hop today. Tekashi 6ix9ine - self-proclaimed king of New York...

Photos by Angelica Liv

Recorriendo latinoamérica a través de sus fanzines

Los fanzines retratan el panorama social, afectivo, político y cultural de quien lo escribe, corta, dibuja e imprime. Cuando me invitó Inteligencia a...