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EL SHOW: Uniting Passion, Culture and Baseball’s Rich Latino Legacy

Baseball's Cultural Legacy and Representation

Rafael Jimenez and Phil Colon co-founders of EL SHOW
Rafael Jimenez and Phil Colon co-founders of EL SHOW

In January of this year, seasoned production exec Rafael Jimenez, formerly with CNN, MTV, Refinery29, and ABC News Digital, joined forces with Phil Colon, who has executed purpose-driven campaigns across four continents for brands like Nike, Brand Jordan, EA Sports, Target and Spotify, to embark on a mission that combines their passion for baseball with their extensive industry knowledge. The result of their collaboration is EL SHOW, a bilingual, culturally relevant lifestyle baseball platform that has quickly become a significant player in the world of sports and entertainment.

EL SHOW stands out as one of a handful of bilingual baseball communities on social media that delves deep into the lifestyle and culture surrounding this beloved sport. Recognizing a void in Latin sports culture content, Phil and Rafael set out to celebrate the essence of béisbol as a cultural phenomenon, taking fans on a journey that goes beyond the game itself. Although, this growing fanbase has been historically marginalized, going into the 2024 season, 33 of the top 100 MLB prospects are of Latino descent. Effectively activating fanbases around those athletes is important to ensure the continued growth, viability and vibrancy of the sport.  

What sets EL SHOW apart is not just its dedication to baseball but also the personal connection its founders have to the game. Phil and Rafael are passionate fans of the sport and dedicated baseball/softball coach dads for their kids, including Ella, Sammy, Miles, and Stella. Their journey with baseball started from T-ball through 14U, and their hands-on experience gives them a unique perspective on the game and its importance in young lives. As native New Yorkers hailing from the South Bronx and Washington Heights, the duo shares deep roots in the heart of baseball culture. Their high school friendship, forged during their years at Cardinal Hayes, strengthened their bond as they embarked on this mission.

Phil Colon co-founder of EL SHOW

One striking revelation in their exploration of baseball was the underrepresentation of Latino players in mainstream sports media. Despite comprising over 30% of MLB players are Latino, language barriers and a lack of cultural understanding have left these remarkable athletes as infrequent guests on post-game shows such as ESPN and FS1. EL SHOW saw this as an opportunity to rewrite the narrative, providing a platform where Latino players can directly share their stories, perspectives, and experiences with fans. “The goal is to give these athletes the recognition and representation they deserve while breaking down barriers in the sports media landscape,” states Phil Colon. 

Moreover, EL SHOW recognizes baseball’s challenges in engaging younger audiences, especially people of color. To reverse this trend, the platform is committed to creating content that resonates with the youth, reigniting their passion for baseball by showcasing its rich cultural tapestry and making it relatable and exciting for a new generation.

The journey began on TikTok, where EL SHOW tapped into a vast and diverse audience. However, their vision extends beyond a single platform. This past May, they launched on Instagram. In 2024, they plan to expand their presence into additional media channels, aiming to make EL SHOW a household name for anyone who loves baseball and its cultural significance.

EL SHOW’s ultimate goal is to become the go-to platform for young Latinos worldwide. As the co-founder of Voto Latino and Project 2050, Phil Colon understands the importance of providing a voice for underserved communities. EL SHOW is their contribution to amplifying the voices and stories of Latino baseball players, ensuring that their remarkable journeys to the major leagues are celebrated and documented.

“EL SHOW is more than just a baseball platform; it’s a cultural movement, a celebration of diversity, and a platform for empowerment,” says Rafael Jimenez. The childhood friends are excited to continue this journey and invite brands that share their vision to join them in making baseball more inclusive, culturally relevant, and representative than ever before. Together, they aim to change the game, both on and off the field, ensuring that the beauty of baseball’s culture shines brightly for generations to come.

In their ongoing quest to enhance the EL SHOW experience, the tandem are actively seeking brand partnerships that align with their mission and values. 

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