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San Judas Tadeo

Carlos Álvarez Montero: Day of San Judas Tadeo

The Mexico City-based photographer captures the hope and faith of the worshippers of San Judas Tadeo. Montero’s photography focuses on the relationship between...

Yosimar Reyes

Undocumented Poet Yosimar Reyes Shows Love

Guerrero-born, California-raised poet Yosimar Reyes tours the country to discuss themes of migration and sexuality. Here is his poem of love. You tell...

Marielle Franco

Marielle Franco: Black LGBT community activist

Black LGBT community activist Marielle Franco died fighting civil rights in Brazil The Civil Rights Movement didn’t end in the 1960s. In fact,...

Brazilian Death Squads

Riding With Ghosts: Author Chris Feliciano Arnold Explores Brazil’s Death Squads

In The Third Bank of the River: Power and Survival in the Twenty-First-Century Amazon, author Chris Feliciano Arnold chronicles the battle for human rights...

Llane Alexis

Cuban Artist Llane Alexis: Why Sewing Machines Are Scary

Self-taught, Cuban-born artist Llane Alexis hand-stitches textile remnants to make whimsical and politically charged works of art. I’m a self-taught artist, born and...