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Undocumented Poet Yosimar Reyes Shows Love

Yosimar Reyes
Photo by Kim Newmoney

Guerrero-born, California-raised poet Yosimar Reyes tours the country to discuss themes of migration and sexuality. Here is his poem of love.

You tell me you don’t like the city

That these buildings, this concrete

Numbs the senses

Cages the spirit and baby

Your spirit was meant to be free

You my love

Were born to be revolutionary

Like the winds we felt sitting on top of the world

Free like the tobacco you offered me to blow blessings

Free like palabras sagradas que salen de tu boca       

Y las rimas femeninas y masculinas that you bust on stage       

You are my revolutionary

Not a guerrero but a healer      

Because in times of conflict

Mi rey you heal

And more then body I must agree with you that you are spirit

Because more than your flesh I am in love con el Corazon que tienes

You are the reason why I love men with noble hearts

The reason why I don’t mind sharing a bed with someone

For men like you I would ride a million BARTs

Get lost in Oakland

And find your house beneath the brightest star

Mi Vida

You come from tierra

Where the spirits of those who failed to cross over roam

You come from el desierto

But baby we all know you are not deserted

You got me and together we are 4 spirits

Like the 4 directions

You got the creator behind you

you are his creation

His masterpiece

And in this journey you are traveling you have managed to leave

Your footprints in my heart

I carry your breath in my hair

Your teachings in my two spirits

You are fluid

Como los Rios que nuestra gente a cruzado     

You remind me that the only possessions we have in this world

Are our bodies and our voice

And the combination of the two must be used

To honor the spirits of los antepasados     

This life is a ritual

And in its sacredness

I am so glad that I am able to hug you

You are my revolutionary…

And as you make your transition back home

Into the arms of your mother

Into the lips of your father

I ask that you take this poem with you

Take a memory of me with you

Plant these

En la tierra que te vio nacer       

En esa tierra que hacido bautizada       

Con la sangre sagrada de nuestra gente   

And I will assure you

that where ever you be

This love will sprout a new

Como el sol por las mananas this poem will shine on you.   

Now go

to where ever home is

Knowing that in San Jose

You leave a brown boy

That has nothing but love and respect for you.

In the meantime,

I will stay here

in this cage, in this shitty city

Singing and singing

Till this system crumbles

Till borders break

Till the earth shakes

And our people become awake

I will be here

Singing and singing till the day

We are all free to return


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