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Gleyber Torres: Venezuela’s Pride Shines Bright with the Yankees

Gleyber Torres of the NY Yankees
Gleyber Torres - AP

At the Latino Media Press Gathering for the team, you can tell that Gleyber Torres, the starting second baseman for the New York Yankees, has a calm confidence in himself and his place on the club from the moment he sits down. The former 2018 rookie of the year has clearly found his form as the team approaches the 2023 All Star Game break, and it coincides with the team’s greatest need given Aaron Judge’s protracted absence from the field due to injury.  

Gleyber was interviewed by EL SHOW to discuss his current campaign, his time in the World Baseball Classic, and the situation of youth baseball in Venezuela. “For me personally and professionally, participating in the 2023 World Baseball Classic was an amazing delight. It means a lot to me and is something I take very seriously to represent my nation on the international stage.  Although I have not yet watched a World Series, I must admit that the World Baseball Classic was among my most memorable baseball-related experiences to date. Being a Venezuelano made me extremely pleased to feel the fervor and enthusiasm of the crowd. With so many Venezuelan fans who reside in Miami, so in some ways it felt like a home game”, Gleyber tells EL SHOW

Gleyber Torres at the World Baseball Classic
Gleyber Torres – AP

“I also have a ton of friends from Latin America—Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, Cuba—and we all enjoyed competing against one another during the tournament while also having a great time hanging out in between games.” Gleyber Torres

MLB introduced a number of outstanding young prospects joining the league for the 2023 season. The NY Mets’ sensational youngster Francisco Alvarez is one of a promising group of up-and-coming Venezuelan athletes who has taken the league by storm. Here is Gleyber’s response to EL Show’s question about the state of baseball in Venezuela. 

Gleyber Torres of the NY Yankees
Photo Credit Tom Hagerty Photography

“It is wonderful to see some many young kids in Venezuela playing the sport of baseball. This year we have a quite a few young players debut in EL SHOW (MLB) and it’s great to see. With so many troubles at home it is good to lose yourself in baseball and not get caught up in politics or the state of the economy.  The World Baseball Classic did a lot to bring the nation together under one flag, and you can see that same sense of passion and zeal in our young leagues. I have no doubt that we will witness an increase in the number of Latinos competing on EL SHOW, which would be wonderful for the sport and our fans”

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