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From the Bronx to the Big Leagues

The Latino Prodigy Who Redefined the American Dream

Jasson Dominguez posing for EL SHOW
Jasson Dominquez EL SHOW
Photo by Rafael Jimenez for EL SHOW

Jasson Dominguez’s Journey of Hope and Determination

In the heart of the Bronx, where dreams are woven into the very fabric of the neighborhood, there’s a story that embodies the essence of hope, determination, and the relentless pursuit of the American dream. It’s the story of Jasson Dominguez, the #2 Prospect of the New York Yankees, a name that’s been echoing through the baseball world and inspiring countless young Latino athletes in the Bronx and around the Caribbean and Latin America. 

Growing up with his father Felix who played pro ball and is a steadfast Yankees supporter, Jasson Dominguez always had a baseball in his hand. From the moment he could walk, he was chasing down fly balls and swinging for the corrugated iron fences. But it wasn’t just the love of the game that set him apart; it was his extraordinary talent and unwavering work ethic that made him stand out from his peer group. 

besides this is a kids game that should never lose that youthful energy and love for the game”

Manny Rameriz seeing in the stands

Jasson’s journey to the New York Yankees was nothing short of remarkable. He faced hurdles and challenges that might have deterred others less determined, but he used them as stepping stones to reach his goals. His family, who had immigrated from the Dominican Republic, supported his dreams every step of the way. They instilled in him the values of hard work, dedication, and the importance of family. He also admired other Dominican big leaguers, like Manny Ramirez who he idealized growing up as a kid. He was awestruck by Manny’s sheer talent but also by his child like approach to the game. “I loved seeing Manny having a good time and not taking things too seriously, besides this is a kids game that should never lose that youthful energy and love for the game”, Jasson tells EL SHOW. 

Despite growing up in a neighborhood where adversity often overshadowed opportunity, Jasson remained steadfast in his pursuit of a professional baseball career with God as his foundation. Yes, Jasson is very spiritual. In fact, when EL SHOW asked him who was his favorite artist to listen to in prep for a game, he mentioned he prefers Christian music. This explains the calmness and quiet confidence he naturally carries with him. His work ethic is pretty incredible. He spent countless hours on the local fields, honing his skills, and drawing inspiration from the legends who once graced Yankee Stadium’s hallowed grounds.

Jasson Dominquez on the batting circle
https://www.instagram.com/elshow/ Photo by Rafael Jimenez for EL SHOW

Jasson’s talent didn’t go unnoticed. Scouts from the New York Yankees soon saw the potential in this young Bronx native and offered him a record breaking contract for a prospects ($5 million dollars). It was a moment that changed his life forever and marked the beginning of his journey to EL SHOW. But it wasn’t just his baseball prowess that impressed those around him; it was his humility and commitment to his community. Jasson never forgot where he came from, and he dedicated himself to giving back. He organized baseball clinics for local kids, inspiring the next generation to follow their dreams just as he had.

As Jasson steps onto the field this Friday for the New York Yankees, he will carry with him the hopes and dreams of his community and the thousands of young Latino players who would also like to follow in his footsteps. His journey from  Esperanza, a municipality of the Valverde Province in the Dominican Republic to the grand stage of Yankee Stadium is a testament to the power of perseverance and the belief that dreams can come true, no matter where you start or where you come from. Jasson Dominguez is not just a rising star in the world of baseball; he’s a symbol of hope for an entire community and a reminder that, in the Bronx and beyond, dreams can be achieved through hard work, determination, and an unshakable belief in oneself and GOD.   

Best of Luck Jasson….Vamos! 

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