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The first time I heard Wiki speak at a media event on the Lower East Side, he’d lost three teeth after getting punched. On the floor with RATKING, Patrick Morales rhymed about being a “Piece of Shit,” and he meant it. He claimed his Nuyorican heritage with pride as he staggered—mic in one hand, brown-bag 40 in the other—grinning and bleeding through his set. Wiki was young sabotage waiting to implode, slamming the mic to his forehead and laughing about his damaged grill through anecdotes on his worthlessness.

Immigrant families fleeing civil strife must give up their privacy in new ways.   Under mounting political pressure from its northern neighbor, Mexico has been allowing agents of the United States deep into its territory to allow the bulk collection of biometric data, such as fingerprints and retinal scans, from Central American migrants fleeing domestic violence and civil conflict in their own homeland.   The questionable legality of any of this aside, Trump’s aggressive, nativist immigration policy is placing undue strain on a program that has made Mexico and the U.S. unlikely partners in the fight to stop the flow of undocumented labor across